Talus Apparel

The Challenge

Create a brand experience centered around inspiring outdoor enthusiasts to achieve their goals.

The Outcome

A new logo, brand strategy, and marketing materials that encapsulates Talus’s bold narrative of facing your giants and achieving your outdoor goals.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Identity Design

Talus Apparel

Aligning the Brand

Creating a brand with a vision starts with purpose and mission. During our basecamp sessions, we aligned the Talus brand through a series of facilitated strategy sessions.

A focus quickly formed and became the guiding light for the entire project. That focus was inspiration through provision.

Talus Apparel

Defining the Position

Before launching into the design phase, we discussed brand attributes. Brand attributes are used as the guiding beacon for creating a brand positioning statement.
The attributes and the focus we formulated came together to form their simplified positioning statement: Care-free clothing solutions that provide the confidence needed to crush outdoor goals.

Talus Apparel


All of the brand elements were now aligned and we were itching to start the design phase.
Once Talus selected the stylescape, we launched into building the brand.

Talus Apparel

The New Face

The new logo was based on a talus, a naturally occurring, gradual slope made of loose rock.