The Challenge

Design a seamless end-to-end brand experience that unites fishing guides with clients.

The Outcome

A new logo, brand strategy, and website that work to connect people to new fishing experiences.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Identity Design
User Experience
Website Design & Development


The Problem

Searching for high-quality fishing guides can be a hassle. How do you know you will find qualified candidates? Luckily, Full Hook provides a web service that helps you find qualified fishing guides near you or in prime destinations.
Over the course of 3 strategy sessions, we uncover a common purpose, mission, and vision that unites the brand.


Brand Design for Fishing Guides

We were able to launch right in and start creating after our brand & web strategy sessions. In collaboration with FullHook, we created a brand you can trust from their identity to their rigorous guide application process.


The Rainbow Connection

For a streamlined experience, we created a streamlined concept.
Too many pages and info can be overbearing for some users, especially when it comes to planning an adventure. We opted for a minimalistic approach to the website in order to combat this.
You can easily view guides in your area or plan a destination trip in advance. That combined with a direct messaging system completed the website.