Carmen Optics

The Challenge

Redefine a family-owned brand that wanted to reconnect with the vision and mission of their founder.

The Outcome

A clarified brand armed with the assets and strategy they needed to implement the values they stand behind. 

Project Scope

Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Packaging Design

Angelo Carmen

A founder with a vision

Being born shortly after the age of the cowboy, Angelo Carmen was enamored by the vast American West. He wondered what the best way to get others to see what he saw was. 

Throughout a couple of years, he was able to build a small binocular shop from the ground up. That shop quickly became the optic backbone in his region.

Carmen Optics

Defining the Brand

Redefining a family-owned brand with a rich history can be a challenge. We wanted to make sure the legacy of the brand was not damaged.

Working closely with the Carmen family, we began to piece together their brand story, mission, vision, and purpose. After our discovery sessions, a brand Angelo would be proud of began to emerge.

Carmen Optics

"All we can say is, yes."

Our strategy sessions successfully brought the family back to their core. Now, it was time to move on to crafting an identity for their brand.