About Us

We are Viriditi. We are open, collaborative, and strive to use our talents to create an impact in the outdoors.


Your New Tag Team

Hey There! We are David and Haven Linn, founders of Viriditi.

We facilitate all client work here at Viriditi. We walk our clients through every step of our process–creating an open, collaborative, and exciting brand experience.

David and Haven Linn CEO VIRIDITI Co Founders COO VIRIDITI


Core Values

What we stand behind.

We all have an obligation to help protect our wildlife and wild places. We take extra steps because our very passions depend on it.

We strive to uphold a collaborative environment for all parties involved with us.

We believe communication is the cornerstone of every great relationship. We aim for direct and honest communication between us and our clients. 

We champion transparency in our communication, design, and actions. 

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Like many companies over the past couple of years, we made the transition to working fully remote. This allows us to be in our natural, comfortable state when working with our clients, but that does not mean we won’t come to you.

We handle all client work from start to finish.

Contact us to see how soon we can begin working with you!

Absolutely. The discovery and strategy phase is just as important as the design phase. We do not take on design projects for new clients without first defining a strategy.