2 Things You Should Expect from a Logo Designer

What to expect

The logo design process can feel daunting, especially if you’re starting a new business. Here are two things you should expect from any self-respecting logo designer.
This deliverable seems like an obvious choice, but actually, there are many different file formats your logo should be delivered in.

The Logo Files

When your designer sends over your final logo, make sure you receive the following file formats for each color or variation of your logo:

1. Adobe Illustrator Logo File – .ai

2. Adobe Illustrator EPS File – .eps

3. Adobe PDF File – .pdf

4. Transparent PNG File – .png

5. High Resolution JPG File – .jpg or .jpeg

6. Web Resolution JPG File – .jpg or .jpeg 

The Style Guide

When you send over your logo to your vendors, how will they know the correct way to place your logo and when to place the right variation? Individually telling each vendor the same set of rules wastes valuable time that could be spent working on your business.
That’s where your style guide comes in.
A style guide is the list of guidelines and standards that keep your brand looking and feeling like your brand. It is the very thing that keeps your brand consistent. At the bare minimum, your style guide should include instructions on:

1. Logo Guidelines

2. Color Details

3. Typography Guidelines

4. Available Visual Assets

5. General Layout Guidelines

6. Photography Guidelines

For a full breakdown on style guides click here.

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