The Studio of
the Outdoors.

We launch, refine, & redefine hunting brands and conservation non-profits.


We turn customers into communities.

What happens when you have a strong brand and great products? A community grows around that brand and becomes an army of advocates. That's what we want for you.

We define your brand’s unique personality, target customers, and your competitor’s weak points, then compile that info into an actionable plan for your brand.

We develop appropriate, distinctive, and simple logo suites that you can apply to all of the touchpoints you deal with every day.

Scale your business with the team who helped you develop your brand– delivering work that’s on time and on brand.


We're making a change.

We’ve worked with all kinds of outdoor brands in the past. Now, we’re making the transition to exclusively work with hunting, fishing, and conservation brands and service providers.
hunters wearing clothing from hunting brand design

Giving back to the outdoors ensures its longevity-leading to a more prosperous outdoor experience.


We are your customers.

We’re the guide for the guides, the outfitter for the outfitters, and a conservationist behind conservation.
david and haven linn outdoor hunting and conservation brand designers